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Applied research and technological design for health, well-being and social solutions

User Experience
& Interface Design

Proof of Concept, high-fidelity prototyping and validation of solutions though User-centred Design.


Health environmental risks detection, real-time patient location and tracking, management and optimisation.

Machine learning

Detection, prediction and evolution assessment on chronic health conditions and diseases.

Our mission

Providing technological and digital solutions and infrastructure to re-design healthcare systems and re-shape traditional models of health and social care. A multidisciplinary team working on the development, deployment and validation of ICT applications, services and models.


BRIDG members participate in research projects of different organisations such as the Horizon 2020 programme, the EIT Health initiative funded by the European Institute of Technology, the Eureka/Eurostar programme, the EIC accelerator and FET, and have regular collaborations and agreements with international companies such as AIOTI (Alliance for IoT Innovation), ACTIVAGE.ORG Association, EAMBES, and others.

Knowledge Transfer & Expertise

Using a comprehensive set of methodologies, we empower the users with innovative ways to collect and analyse high-quality data, creating competences and solutions that improve patient care and wellbeing, while reducing healthcare costs.

Personalized medicine & Disease management

Medical data and biomedical information to design and conceive technological approaches and solutions that support patients and healthcare professionals towards personalized medicine, improving prediction, prevention, diagnosis and progression of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, neurological diseases, cancer, mental health, frailty, etc.

The future of healthcare, today

Collaborating with Pharma industry, Med-Tech, reference hospitals, regional and national healthcare systems towards delivery of innovative services for society as a whole working on Active & Healthy Ageing, Emergency Preparedness, Data Management for Distributed Learning and others.


TeleRehabilitation of Balance clinical
& Decision Support System

An AI-based decision support system (DSS) based on an Augmented Reality (AR) rehabilitation training platform: balance exercises, exergames, cognitive training and remote patient monitoring with wearables and IoT devices, to provide suggestive feedback for experts through the entire clinical rehabilitation pathway.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101057747